Control system MICRO-RAD

Control system MICRO-RAD

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  • microprocessor control system
  • controls of complex heating system

Characteristics of MICRO-RAD control system

  • one control unit can operate maximum of 8 heating zones
  • simple operation through display or PC
  • system settings for the entire heating season including special days (for example holidays)
  • password system protects the settings of heating system against unauthorized intervention

Regimes of zone operation

Automatic - heating according to the preset temperatures.
Manual - short time heating up to a comfortable temperature without any change to parameters setting.
Optimization - control system predicts and sets starting times for the heating, optimizing the operation of devices.
Interruption - heating is stopped when external temperature achieves the preset value.
Blocking - heating is switched off by PC.

Simple creation of complex heating system

  • up to 30 pieces of MICRO-RAD control units can be connected into common communication network
  • communication works with RS485 (standard) or Ethernet ( Version Maxi only )
  • communication network can be connected to PC

Dispatching workplace

  • unique PC software
  • comfortable central control
  • analysis and optimization of system settings
  • visualization of quantities by graphs and tables
  • archiving of measured quantities

Version Maxi

  • operating from 1 to 8 heating zones
  • settings by unit display or PC


Version Mini

  • operating 1 to 6 heating zones
  • settings by PC only

Version Mini can be used only when connected to PC with software Dispatching workplace.