Fault indication with MULTI-RAD®

New generation control systems MULTI-RAD® PLUSand MULTI-RAD® WEB offer additional function of fault indication of a heater or a heating zone on new innovated level. Whether the case is dark infrared heater ADRIAN-RAD® or hot air gas fired unit ADRIAN-AIR® by integrating external modul into the unit or for group of units instead alarm notifications can be received on whatever appliance the customer chooses. It is the partnership and cooperation with company HONEYWELL that enabled us to seek new possibilities in research and development with innovated control automatics Honeywell Esys®, communication network Modbus and control system MULTI-RAD®. Thanks to many of its obvious benefits for the end user most recently we have delivered such solution for company MOSGAZ which is directly included in the structure of GAZPROM organization.

With dark gas infrared heaters ADRIAN-RAD® and hot air gas fired units ADRIAN-AIR® it is possible to remotely check for faults of individual heater or group of heaters. Such group may be identical with the heating zone, but not necessarily. However, it must share the same digital input of MULTI-RAD® control system. In the case the system finds a unit that should be in operation and it is not it sends instantly an alarm notification to the client. It is the client who chooses the receiving appliance. The alarm can appear in central dispatching workplace window or it can be send by e-mail or SMS to selected person. Fault indication has an immense impact on time normally needed to detect the unit which happens to be out of order. Especially when it comes to larger heating systems this function proves to be essential. Even if used for group of heaters instead for each individual appliance it saves a lot of time. And time means money. Literary in cases where service and maintenance staff get paid by hours.  

The most simple and common way is to add two signal lamps. With hot air gas fired units this can be integrated in pilot conductor controller, too.




More improved functions are available for systems made of dark gas infrared heaters by combining control automatics Honeywell Esys®, communication network Modbus and control system MULTI-RAD®. Such solution offers, besides fault indication, also tools for quick diagnostics of individual failure or error in particular heater. On this level the end user controls not only the functioning of its heating but its service and maintenance, too. Basically he becomes an equal partner to his service organization. No more „blind dates“ with the heater only to identify the reason why the unit is out of order. The service staff you call knows what is wrong and where exactly it is. He is equipped with necessary tools and spare parts right from the start. Expenses related to service and maintenance decrease significantly which means the entire costs of heating system are reduced. And savings are what we want to offer to our client the most.